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Two offers of public transit services exist in the municipality. The first is the Taxibus service, governed by the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent. Note that since July 2018, you must be recommended by an organization recognized by the MRC to receive the service. The Municipality of the Township of Dundee is a recognized organization. For prices and details, please see the attached document.



The organization of the Society of Volunteer and Community Support (SABEC) offers accompaniment services to the population of the Haut-Saint-Laurent to attend medical appointments. If you are interested in the service, or if you would like to become a volunteer for the organization, please contact them directly at the following coordinates: 1493-2, Route 138 Godmanchester, Quebec J0S 1H0.

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Transport from Montreal

Unfortunately, no means of public transportation exists directly linking the territory of the municipality to that of the metropolis. The Exo-Sud Ouest company, however, offers transportation between Montreal and Ormstown as well as between Valleyfield and Montreal, on lines 111 and 1. For schedules and the fee schedule, visit their website at the following link